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The first time I saw Arizona, I was 10 years old. It was January 1956. To be precise, it was January 19, 1956, my birthday. What a birthday present -- the beauty and diversity of Arizona overwhelmed me then. It continues to amaze me to this day! Jim Allen, Publisher


We strive to provide you, our valued customers with the highest quality of products at the lowest possible price. Please mention our competitors
price at the time of order and we will attempt to meet or beat their price whenever possible.

Ferno Emergency Response Solutions

The leader in emergency response equipment and solutions, including ambulance cots, stretchers, backboards, stair chairs, and a full range of emergency response tools.


Maritime Institute

The Maritime Institute has created and offers U.S. Coast Guard licensing courses and testing from our base in San Diego, California and at a growing number of cities on both coasts of the United States.


Oceanid rescue boats are the most versatile, safest, most durable and easiest to use rescue boats ever made. Oceanid rescue boats include the Rapid Deployment Craft inflatable rescue boat and the QuadCat and larger PowerCat pontoon inflatable rescue boats that can be used for rescue operations and other tasks that require maximum flotation, minimum draft and exceptional stability.

Sea Tow

Sea Tow Services International, Inc.—Your Road Service at Sea®—is the international leader in the marine assistance industry. With franchise locations through out the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, Bahamas, Puerto Rico and Jamaica. Sea Tow's members are backed by 24-hour service regardless of where they travel.







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